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Most People will immediately think Artist Consulting is directly related to PR, branding, advertising and creating  important opportunities.
This is not the true initial need in most scenarios, there is an important step that comes prior to even beginning the process of marketing.
Providing direction and laying a solid foundation.
The Word’s Meaning “Consulting”
Says it all.

Seek information or advice from (someone with expertise in a particular area).
Early 16th century (in the sense ‘deliberate together, confer’).

At C Flo productions the focus is on developing the Artist physically and mentally for what is to come and advise, direct and create a solid pathway. There is so many voices and people that want to benefit, when there is talent, everyone promises success, by providing connections and ins with more folks that also want to benefit.
Consulting Services for Corporations and Organizations 
These services are available to specific industries and private individuals within the entertainment arena.
Consulting includes:
Initial Assessment
Providing Direction
Goal Setting
Time Line Management
Vision Creation
Concept Development
Company Consulting is offered to create a performance or other production.
C Flo Production will work on a contract or project basis and will require an initial deposit to begin the process.
Types of organizations and individuals that can benefit from consulting:
Theatrical Production Companies
Musical Production Companies
Schools /Music Drama Department
Non Profit Organizations
Corporate and Private Companies
Record Labels
Church Organization Circus
Consulting is a fee based service and can be conducted via phone, Skype and/or in person.
Hourly billing applies.
Clients will be required to pay a one time fee of $250.00. This fee is due 48 hours prior to the meeting and is a non negotiable fee.
Hourly Fees start at $100.00 per individual and vary depending on group size.
Consulting can be purchased separately and is not included in the  Artist Development Packages.

Chris Flo Clients

Pink, TLC, Monica, Boys II Men, Heavy D, Hamilton Park, MTV Music Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, Sean Puffy Combs, Keri Hilson, Ciara, UniverSoul Circus, Ziklag Boyz, DA Famous Boyz, Heaven Beat Box, Comedian Bruce Bruce, and many others…

The Mission

C Flo Productions is committed to providing yesterday’s information to create “The Star of Tomorrow.” Music Today was greatly influenced by yesterday’s musical geniuses.

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