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Chance Mizell

ABOUT THE ARTIST Since Chance was a baby he’s been dancing and singing.

Chance was born on March 29, 2003 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Cameron and Stacey Mizell.
Chance and his family moved to Atlanta when he was 2 years old.

Anytime he’d hear a beat he would move and wiggle. At Least once a week when he was picked up from daycare he would tell a story about how he’d entertained the whole school. At his graduation from PRE-K his teacher gave the award of “MOST LIKELY TO BE FAMOUS

When he was about 5 Michael Jackson died. He had no idea who he was so his dad showed him some videos on YouTube. That was when his love for dance got serious. He became obsessed with MJ. He began studying all of Michael Jackson’s moves. He imitated with ease and learned all of his choreography as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He also sang without ever having a proper voice lesson. Chance was so obsessed with Michael Jackson that he wanted to be MJ for Halloween 3 years in a row. He would walk around the house with the famous white glove and a wig throughout the year pretending to be Michael Jackson.

By the time he was 7 Chance Mizell was also studying Chris Brown and Usher and he began making up choreography of his own. A family friend suggested dance classes to fine tune his skills and further his technique. He was referred to Dance 411 Studios. Everyone recognized his talent and soon thereafter he started performing at public events. He has been featured on television, in commercials, in music videos and the crowd is always amazed at his talent at a young age and his humbleness. Chance practices dancing, performing and singing an average of 12 hours per week. He is a well liked young man with many loyal young fans. The future looks bright.


Produced by TedyP. Williams
Official Release September 2016

Chance Mizell’s instagram following has risen to 123K since Flip came out. Any given post is now viewed and liked by thousands.


It was at one of his performances that he met Christopher O. Flournoy, a well known Atlanta Choreographer that owns an Artist Development Company “C. Flo Productions”. During one of their breaks Chris who is known in the industry as Chris Flo, or C Flo, heard Chance singing and saw him dancing and the rest is history. Christopher O. Flournoy has since signed on as Chance’s Official Manager and has been responsible for the latest single release Flip, which was produced and written by TedyP. Williams. The latest photo shoot, wardrobe & styling was orchestrated by C. Flo Productions and team.

Chris Flo is currently fine tuning the future of the young artist and alongside choreographer Jeremy Green, (another 411 Dance Talent in Atlanta). Chris Flo is eagerly preparing for a video shoot to feature the new single Flip. The single is NOW available on Itunes.


TedyP Williams is a talented Atlanta based producer and was introduced to Chance by Christopher O. Flournoy in 2015. He is now a part of the team and writes and produces for Chance Mizell under C Flo Productions.

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“First performance as an official artist 08/2016 at the High Museum of Art”

Let’s Dance the Tour 03/2016

2016 Triumph Awards (tribute to Jermaine Dupri)

Dancin the Dream TV Show 08/2015

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