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C Flo Productions was founded & based on passion, knowledge and years of experience.

Artist  Development as we once knew it is no longer the norm and the “Wow Factor” has certainly taken the back seat. C Flo believes that in order for “Today’s Artist” to stand out and SHINE, they must undergo one on one development that combines “Consulting Services and Concept Creation,” dance, choreography, showmanship and audience engagement along with creativity.

the clients

Why Choose C Flo…


As a dancer, international runway model, choreographer, actor and creative director for music-and theatrical performance productions, C Flo infuses his passion into talented individuals that are willing to take direction and appreciate learning new techniques and styles. With over 20 years international experience he designs and choreographs tailor-made shows.

C FLO creates stage shows and entertainment packages to work with your theme, venue, audience and budget requirements. As each event is different, so each show will be. Through consultancy to presentation we turn your ideas into reality.

Our creative stamp is a fusion of styles born from our wide experience of dance, theatrical productions, musical performance productions, and circus performance productions. A commitment to quality combined with great artistic direction and excellent creative concept creation skills, means C Flo Productions provide both value and excellence in services.

As a  Choreographer CHRISTOPHER O. FLOURNOY is a versatile artist with a passion for dance and movement in all its forms. HE creates engaging work that traps the audience from the very first instant. HIS UNIQUE style and knowledge of a wide spectrum of genres infuses His choreographies with dynamism, excitement and it FLO’S.

Chris can provide choreography, stage and artistic direction. He will work creatively with you to deliver your vision and/ or create a vision for you.


C Flo Clients

Pink, TLC, Monica, Boys II Men, Heavy D, Hamilton Park, MTV Music Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, Sean Puffy Combs, Keri Hilson, Ciara, UniverSoul Circus, Ziklag Boyz, DA Famous Boyz, Heaven Beat Box, Comedian Bruce Bruce, and many others…

The Mission

C Flo Productions is committed to providing yesterday’s information to create “The Star of Tomorrow.” Music Today was greatly influenced by yesterday’s musical geniuses.

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